Brain Surgeon Salary and Job description

The Brain Surgeons work for examining, diagnosing, and treating the surgical disorders present in the nervous system of the patients. They do surgical operations of the brain, peripheral nerves for the removal of tumors, spinal cord, treating varied wounds, relieving from the various pains of the patients, vascular disorders and many serious diseases like epilepsy and Parkinson’s. To relieve the patients from the hydrocephalus, they perform surgery. They deal with the surgeries related to the diseases and deformities of the spinal cord and treating brain tumors of varied patients. It is very hectic job to deal with the complexities in the brain. The occupation of Brain surgeon is extremely respected job. The brain surgeon is that medical doctor who deals with the formal education and then is licensed to handle the patients for performing the surgeries required for dealing the disease of the patients.
Salary aspects for the Brain Surgeon
Half of the brain surgeons’ salary is at the most between the ranges starting from $400,000 to $666,000. According to the about-salary, on May 2012 the mean salary was considered to be of $230,540. The median salary of the brain surgeon in the year of 2013 was estimated to be $529,176.

brain surgeon
Employment Outlook
It is stated that the job opportunities will escalate at a greater pace. It is anticipated that the Brain Surgeons will get at the least of 14% employment opportunities in the period between the years of 2006 to 2016. This is due to the fact that the population is increasing with the escalating problems and for dealing with them, more and more job opportunities are prevailing and will be established in the future as well. They are meant to be working for the total of 60 hours on weekly basis as estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in U.S.

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Epilepsy is a chronic disorder occurring most frequently in adolescents and the elderly. It can also occur in patients that have recently had or recovered from brain surgery. Epilepsy is neurological in nature and causes periodic seizures, which reflect brain over activity. Unfortunately due to the wide range of triggers, most people affected by this acute condition discover only after a seizure, the neurological hyperactivity.


Although epilepsy is not as yet treatable, it can be relieved by employment of antiepileptic. In spite of that, a few symptoms of epilepsy last for a time period as they are stage related as though those happening in children. On the whole, while picking out epileptic medicine, assure it is only prescribed by a certified medical practitioner. In that respect are two types of epileptic seizures which are differentiated by whether the victim is conscious or unconscious. A victim is conscious whenever they are alert and bear the power to reply.

This is as the epileptic brain activity is kept apart to a part of the brain. An unconscious victim, all the same misplaces control as the full brain is basically entrapped in the hyperactivity and can effort anywhere from non reactive gazing to uncorrectable jerking of limbs. These two types of epilepsy are the right way mentioned to as localized (isolated portions of the brain) and generalized (entire brain affected by hyperactivity) seizures; generalized seizures constituting more grievous.


A few reasons connected with epilepsy in children are commonly brain tumors, ailments, or grave head injury. Other symptoms in older children, adults, and aged could even be related narcotic and alcohol usage in addition to atypical central nervous systems and modified genes. The most significant thing is to empathize what is taking place if you are a sufferer. Diagnosis and suitable medicinal drug are two keys to living with epilepsy.

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Duodenal ulcer


Duodenal ulcer is the result of acid-pepsin digestion of the mucosa. Gastric hypersecretion is seen in most cases.


Causes of duodenal ulcer:


(1) Hyperacidity.

(2) Irregular dietary habits.

(3) Spicy diet, tea, coffee etc.

(4) Excessive smoking and alcohol habits etc.

(5) Improper chewing (inadequate mastication).

(6) Genetic factor.

(7) Endocrine factor – Zollinger Ellison syndrome multiple adenoma syndrome etc.

(8) Increased parietal cell mass.

(9) In some cases idiopathic.


Common site of duodenal ulcer: First part of duodenum. It is rarely seen at the posterior wall of second part of duodenum.


Characteristics of duodenal ulcers:


Ulcers occurring in the stomach and duodenum may be acute or chronic, the difference being that a chronic ulcer penetrates the muscularis mucosa, whereas an acute ulcer or erosion does not. Chronic ulcers occur with remarkable regularity in certain sites; in the stomach on the lesser curvature just above the angulus or less frequently at or near the pylorus, while duodenal ulcers occur within 1 cm. of the pylorus on the anterior or posterior wall. Acute lesions are frequently multiple and are less regularly distributed. Benign ulcers occur only rarely on the greater curvature or on the anterior wall of the stomach. [A chronic duodenal ulcer never becomes malignant; a chronic gastric ulcer may in 0.5% of cases.] S


Clinical features:


Symptoms – (1) Pain – gradual onset, Site – umbilicus, epigastrium. Pain in empty stomach, hunger pain, food relieves the pain after 2 to 3 hours, again pain starts.

(2) Burning sensation (heartburn) – acid eructation.

(3) Vomiting – rare.

(4) Malaena – maybe present (passage of black, tarry stool. (5) Appetite – increases (food relief pain).



(1) Palpation – duodenal part is tender on deep palpation. (2) Inspection – nothing abnormal. (3) Percussion – nothing abnormal. (4) Auscultation – nothing abnormal. (5) General – healthy or obese.




Investigations for duodenal ulcer:


(1) Barium meal X-ray – presence of an ulcer crater of deformed duodenal cap or pyloric stenosis.

(2) Gastric function test – Augmented histamine test shows increase Rd content of gastric juice.

(3) Total night juice test – shows increased vagal activity.

(4) Occult blood test in stool – positive.

(5) Gastroscopy – may reveal ulcer in the stomach only.

(6) String test – may reveal the Site of hemorrhage.

(7) E.S.R. may be raised.




Complications of duodenal ulcer:


(1) Haematamesis and malaena.

(2) Shock.

(3) Perigastric adhesion.

(4) Pyloric stenosis.

(5) Perforation – peritonitis.

(5) Hourglass contracture.


Duodenal ulcer is differentiated from chronic gastric ulcer, stone in the gall bladder or kidney and chronic appendicitis by its characteristic pain. Diagnosis can be confirmed best by X-ray (B-meal, cholecystograph, U.S.G., C.T.Scan etc.) examination.

With careful dietetic treatment and regulate mode of life the prognosis is quite favorable.


Management of duodenal ulcer:


Medical Treatment


(1) Rest to body. Rest to mind and rest to ulcer.

(2) Diet – should be bland and nutritive, such as soft rice, boiled fish or egg, potatoes etc. Vitamin ‘C’, spice should be avoided.

(3) Smoking, tea, coffee, alcohol should be avoided; abstinence from these habits favours quick healing and reduces the chances of relapse.

(4) Food to be given every other hour or the third hour. Semisolid food in adequate quantity is to continue for several months.

(5) Antacids – Aluminium hydroxide gel and Magnesium oxide or trisilicate (most effective). If the bowel habit is loose the former drug and if the bowel habit is constipated the latter drug is usually prescribed.




Surgical Treatment


(1) Where the patient is not reliable.

(2) Pyloric stenosis.

(3) Recurrent haematamesis, malaena, perforation etc.

(4) When the patient cannot afford time for prolonged trial with medical treatment.

(5) A suspicion of malignancy.

Operative treatment – Gastrectomy or vagotomy and drainage operation, e.g., Gastro-jejunostomy or pyloroplasty.